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The Ultimate Solution for Clean and Fresh Carpets and healthier indoor environments.

Your carpets play a vital role in creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. However, regular use can take its toll on your carpets, making them look dull and stained. This is where our professional carpet cleaning service comes in! We work around you and your business at whatever time suits you, whether this is before work, during office hours or afterwards. This allows us to complete our Commercial Carpet Cleaning to the best standards without disruption to your employees.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in your area: The Key to a cleaner healthier commercial property, we are proud to offer our clients a wide range of benefits. Our team of professional are ready to help and equipped with the latest tools, ensuring that your carpets receive the best possible cleaning.

Why Choose Us?

  • Noticeable results:

    Looking to impress your customers? Our professional carpet cleaning equipment and experience allow us to clean your carpets thoroughly, removing even the deepest dirt, stain and odours.

  • Healthy and safe:

    Pathogens such as viruses & bacteria can be deposited on many surfaces of your working space including within your carpet. Our professional deep clean removes pathogens and reduces the risk of illness spreading in your work place. We also include free disinfection and sanitation, leaving you with a clean and fresh-smelling space.

  • Fast drying times:

    Our commercial system deep cleans carpets and leaves carpets dry in 30 minutes. We can work with tight drying time frames and get your business back open.

  • Impress your accountant:

    Our cleaning methods will protect your investment by keeping your carpet in top condition, making them last longer.

  • 100% safe:

    Our cleaning solutions are carefully chosen to ensure that they are completely safe, providing you with peace of mind while we clean your commercial property.

  • People friendly:

    Our people-friendly cleaning solutions are gentle and non-toxic, ensuring that you are not exposed to any harmful chemicals during or after our cleaning process.

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Happy Business Package

  • Pre Vac and Pile Comb
  • Pre-spray with selected advanced cleaner
  • Apply stain treatment if required
  • Thoroughly deep clean carpet fibres
  • Pad dry – Carpet ready to use 1 – 2 hrs
  • Deodorise and Sanitise area

£4.5 per m2- Average room 3.6 x 3.6 = £58.32

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Carpet Cleaning Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Revive Pro Carpet Cleaning the best choice for commercial carpet cleaning in Nottingham?
Revive Pro is dedicated to delivering noticeable results, ensuring your commercial space is not just visually appealing but also hygienic. Our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced team guarantee a deep clean that removes dirt, stains, and odours, all while being mindful of your business hours and employee productivity.
How does Revive Pro ensure the safety and hygiene of my commercial carpets?
Our deep cleaning process effectively eliminates pathogens like viruses and bacteria from carpets. We also offer free disinfection and sanitisation, ensuring a clean, fresh, and healthy workspace. This thorough approach is crucial in maintaining a hygienic environment in your commercial property.
What are the drying times for Revive Pro's carpet cleaning services?
We understand the importance of minimal disruption to your business. Our commercial cleaning system ensures carpets are deep cleaned and dried within 30 minutes, allowing you to resume business activities promptly.
How does Revive Pro's carpet cleaning service benefit my business financially?
Our cleaning methods not only enhance the appearance of your carpets but also extend their lifespan, ensuring a sound investment for your business. This proactive approach to maintenance can save costs in the long run, something your accountant will appreciate.
Are the cleaning products used by Revive Pro safe and eco-friendly?
Absolutely. We use people-friendly, non-toxic cleaning solutions that are 100% safe and environmentally friendly. This ensures the well-being of your staff and clients while maintaining a clean and healthy indoor environment.
How can I get an estimate for commercial carpet cleaning in Nottingham?
You can easily calculate the cost using our online cost calculator. Just enter the size of the area to be cleaned and your contact details for an estimated quote. Our rates are competitive, offering excellent value for professional carpet cleaning services.